Latest work in progress – working with a new heavy texture medium and mixed media

I’m working on a heavily textured painting and adding newsprint to the surface before overpainting and tearing into the surface.

A close-up of the work – it’s not finished yet but I thought you’d like to see my creative process

An early stage in the studio – I like to work on several paintings at a time. This allows time for  heavily textured sections to dry and for me to live with the paintings for a while to see how they are working. I am using a new and thicker medium on this one – it’s great in that it allows me to build up a thick layer of paint. The downside is that any  paint added to it becomes much lighter in tone so I need to overpaint once the medium is fully dry.

The texture is building up on the surface of the canvas now – you can see it on the bottom right edge where a thickly imprinted strip of paint defines the edge of the canvas.

I’ve added more texture paste to areas – in white. I’ve not added any paint to some areas as it dries so light. The rectangular shape bottom left is a mix of unpigmented texture paste and cobalt blue mixed into the surface. I like the result so may leave it as it is rather than overpainting with pure pigment.

I’ve added some newsprint to one section – then overpainted it before tearing into it.

This area is heavily textured and I’ve added some neon pink to the cobalt blue surface. I then rubbed the surface down to matt it completely. It gives an effect similar to  heat melted plastic as the surface ripples.

The close up above shows where I ripped into the layers of paint – this time using a screwdriver so really tearing into the surface. I’ve overpainted some of the built up areas with a mix of green paints. The neon paint I’ve been using is very translucent so needs multiple applications.

I’m going to live with the painting for a while before working on it again. I’ll add the finished painting to my gallery page.


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