The development of a painting

I thought that you might like to see how one of my paintings develops. This is what I’m working on right now. It’s not finished yet – the orange sections in particular need reworking. Its number 3 of my Black Series of abstract works. I started by covering the canvas with cadmium yellow acrylic. Then […]

From drawing to painting

Once I had completed my drawing of an anglepoise lamp sitting in a set of weighing scales I was itching to make a painting from it. Again, not my usual route to a painting but I’ll post the stages of the painting so you can see its evolution. These are the first 3 stages – then it changes dramatically in […]

Can abstract artists draw?

I know that many people think that abstract artists can’t draw. While I often do life drawing and sculpting I very rarely draw inanimate objects as my paintings are based on emotions and intuition. Unstructured and free flowing. But I thought I’d have a go at a still life. It’s an anglepoise lamp sitting in a set of […]

New works on paper

I painted this on long strip of paper using  a restricted palette of heavy body acrylics  – much of it is painted by squeezing the paint out of the tube directly onto the paper then using my hand to indent into the paint while it is still wet and malleable. Also by squeezing the paint […]